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Medical Technology

HighTech have many years of experience in delivering medically approved computers, screens and accessories according to the European standard EN60601-1. We supply parts or an overall solution for certified medical technology such as medical approved panel PCs, box PCs, touch screens, rack-mounted computers and medically classified accessories.


We provide medical technology solutions for research, laboratories and medicine manufacturing.

Certified medical technology

We offer tested and certified products in medical technology. In our dedicated ESD-secured production we have what it takes to create customer-adapted comprehensive solutions according to high medical technical requirements.


At HighTech, we deliver electronic products for medical use designed for minimal interference with other electronic devices. The demands on medical technology are high to maintain safe medical reliability for patients and staff.

This means that the medical technology we deliver often needs to comply with the European standard EN60601-1. We can supply parts or the whole for your medical technology project with panel PCs, box PCs, rack-mounted computers and medically classified accessories. With us at HighTech, you always get the same support and dedication - regardless of whether you order 1 or 100+ products! Welcome to get in touch when you need electronic products for medical use. 

Our product range is based on the best manufacturers in the world in medical technology, such as:

Avalue, DFI, Man & Machine, iKEY, Arbor, Wincomm, Enciris, Mactron, IEI, Portwell, Onyx etc.

HighTech Nordic AB   |   |   +46 10-1775800

Medicinsk Box-PC

We offer tested and medically approved mini PCs for space-conscious applications. The computers are intended for medical environments with high demands on quality and reliability.


Medical box PCs are often fanless, energy-efficient, configurable and certified computers adapted for medical technology applications.

Medicinsk Panle-PC

We deliver medically approved panel PCs from 10”, IP-rated with or without touch.


You can order from 1 medical panel PC to a complete medical technology solution with a panel PC as part of an overall solution certified for medical use.

Rackmonterade MED-datorer

A rack-mounted computer is an efficient chassis that is often used in healthcare environments.


We offer rack-mounted medically approved computers. 

Medicinskt klassade tillbehör

An important part of hospital-approved technical equipment is that it must be able to be sprayed for disinfection without being damaged.


Combine the above medically rated computers with med rated keyboards, mice, touchpads, trackballs and mousepads for a complete medically approved workstation.

Medicinska bildskärmar

We deliver DICOM, which stands for Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine, it is a medical standard that describes how medical image information should be handled.


We offer DICOM 14 in white or black, flexible mounting methods, 3-year warranty and several available options.

Kundunika lösningar medicinteknik

We help you with a solution that meets the wishes that are specific to your medical technology project. No request is too big or too small for us.


In addition to medical technology, we are also experts in industrial PCs, component supply, embedded and digital display solutions for demanding environments.

A selection of products in Medical Computing
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Formulär Medicinteknik
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