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Embedded Systems

We have many years of experience with built-in systems / embedded systems including everything from backplanes, IoT, industrial motherboards and accessories adapted for embedded. When you need a complete embedded solution that meets the most complex requirement specification - welcome to HighTech.

Embedded systems for industrial environments

Embedded systems are one or more electronic devices that often sit inside industrial machines that must communicate with other systems. Not infrequently, the built-in systems have to cope with tough environments with long working hours, humidity, vibrations, dust, radiation, high/low temperature, etc. It is therefore of the utmost importance that all systems are tested before delivery and meet the requirements of our customers.

We offer a world-class embedded range and represent some of the leading manufacturers in Embedded Systems in the world, such as: ASRock IndustrialCommellDFIICOP
LexcomInnodiskJetway, Aicsys, Arbor Technology and many more. We are in close contact with all of our manufacturers to be able to offer tailored solutions such as custom BIOS, a different CPU or the like. 


Leverage our expertise to build advanced embedded systems for demanding environments. We build embedded systems in our ESD-protected premises.

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Embedded systems från hightech

A built-in system/embedded system is usually a fanless hardware in combination with a specific software that must fulfill a function in a larger system.


We deliver embedded solutions for everything from industrial machines and vehicles to medical equipment and aircraft.

Backplane (bakplan) från HighTech


Regardless of what your requirement specification looks like, we offer our expertise in all possible backplane solutions, as part of your embedded system.


The backplane is used as a frame to create a complete computer system where several circuit boards must be connected. It is often the case that motherboards have both ISA and PCI ports in a backplane solution.

IoT enheter från hightech

IoT (Internet of Things) today plays a major role in digital development, the term IoT means connecting devices that were previously not connected so that they can send and exchange important information. It is largely used in industry, agriculture, retail, etc.


We help you develop devices that meet the requirements for IoT solutions with e.g., radio modems, industrial gateways, Edge Cuda AI Systems, Machine Vision and WiFi/LTE/5G.

Industriella moderkort från HighTech

Motherboards are available in different sizes and with different specifications such as ATX, Micro-ATX, COM-express, Q7 and others.


An industrial motherboard must cope with demanding industrial environments that require the motherboard to cope with long working hours, humidity, dust, vibrations, and low/high temperatures. Welcome to contact us when you need industrial-quality motherboards.

Embedded tillbehör från HighTech

We offer a wide range of accessories for embedded systems such as adapters, LAN modules, converter boards, TPM modules and riser cards adapted for embedded industrial units.


You can turn to us for 1-100+ units, we respond quickly and offer fast and customized deliveries of embedded systems.

Embedded systems - kundunika lösningar

We help you with a solution that meets the requirements that are specific to your embedded project. No request is too big or too small.

At HighTech, we have extensive experience with embedded systems, we are a reliable comprehensive supplier for all your embedded needs.

In addition to embedded systems, we are also experts in medical technology, component supply, industrial PCs, and digital screen solutions for demanding environments.

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