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We offer industrial computers that are reliable and durable. An industrial PC / ruggedized computer must function reliably in high and low temperatures, dusty environments and where vibrations may occur. For an optimal overall solution, we can deliver your industrial computer together with a durable industrial touch screen. We supply industrial computers that are used in everything from vehicles and factories to forests and mines.

We assemble, test and install your Industrial-PC in ESD-safe production

In our dedicated ESD-protected production for industrial computers, we have what it takes to create customer-adapted comprehensive solutions within industrial PCs.  In order for an industrial computer to withstand tough tests and extreme environments, careful design is required. With the right quality components, your industrial PC is delivered exactly as you want it, often with a combination of high processing power, industrial strength and long durability. With a fanless computer, powerful processor and shock-resistant components, we make sure to deliver an industrial PC that will maintain constant performance in tough environments for many years to come.

A good industrial computer is operationally reliable, which means fewer downtimes and lower maintenance costs. We represent the leading manufacturers of Industrial PCs in the world, such as NeousysIEIAxiomtekAdvantechGIGAIPC, ASRock RackiBase, Flytech, Giada, Annso, Darveen, Faytech, Nodka and many more. At HighTech, we are experts in developing industrial PC solutions that suit your company. 

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Industri-PC HighTech

Industrial PC in all formats

An industrial computer is adapted to cope with demanding environments. We help you develop a customized solution, regardless of whether you need one industrial computer or a hundred, no customer is too big or too small.


We deliver customized industrial computers that must withstand vibrations, shocks, operation in high/low temperatures or be IP-rated against moisture. Welcome to get in touch when you need an Industrial PC!

Industridisplay pekskärm HighTech

Industrial display / industrial screen

We supply industrial screens from 2" and up. You may need an industrial screen when it is to be used in demanding industrial environments where dust, temperature or vibrations put an end to a "traditional screen". An industrial display / industrial touch screen may need to be IP-rated, extra bright, modular, and user-friendly while being able to withstand tough environments.


We help you find the right industrial screen for your purpose, with the right touch technology and performance.

Panel-PC HighTech

Panel PC

Panel PC or PC panel is a combination of screen and computer in one unit, still adapted for demanding environments with high requirements for resistance to dust and liquids as well as to high and low temperatures.


A Panel PC has the advantage that it simplifies installation and minimizes the number of devices/cords compared to an industrial PC. Panel PCs are available for installation, stand-alone, all in one, as a tablet or for 19” Rack PC.

Box-PC Mini-PC HighTech

Box PC / Mini PC

A box/mini PC is an industrial PC in a small format when you need a computer that can handle demanding environments and can be hidden or built-in. Building mini-PCs is one of our favorite areas because it places high demands on customization.


Depending on whether your mini-PC is to sit in a vending machine, electrical cabinet, machine or in another tight place, it is adapted to what you need for your project. Box-PCs / mini-PCs are often completely fanless computers in order to obtain optimal lifespan and operational reliability.

19" Rack PC HighTech

19” Rack PC

The 19-inch rack PC is a standardized frame that you use for computer server equipment when you don't want to take up too much floor space. We help you adapt the entire equipment so that it fits the 19" Rack.


A rack-mounted system is efficient and has many desirable features when it comes to flexibility and mobility.

Kundunika lösningar industri-PC

Customer-specific solutions for industrial PCs

We help you with a solution that meets the wishes specific to your project. No request is too big or too small for us.


At HighTech, we have extensive experience with industrial PCs, we are a safe comprehensive supplier of industrial computers for all conceivable needs. In addition to industrial PCs, we are also experts in medical technology, component supply, embedded and digital screen solutions for demanding environments.

A selection of ours Industrial PC products
(we also always have a bunch of different systems in stock)

Contact us with your needs, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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