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What we stand for

The Quality Policy of HighTech

We as a Company strive to meet our customers demands on every inquiry they have with the conditions given. We deliver quality products and solutions. Our expertise in the selection process as well as our suppliers contribute to this fact.

We seek to have open communication with our suppliers regarding quality issues that may or may not arise and why they may or may not. The product specifications are to be the right specifications as pricing also is a quality and the B2B quality factor is the success of the supply chain rather than the individual companies.

It is simple; The right questions leads to the right answers that amounts to the right solution.

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The Enviroment Statement of HighTech

  • We follow current environmental legislation and other demands, but we have a goal to clearly exceed and excel.

  • We utilize as few environmental hazardous chemicals as possible and we turn to environmental friendly alternatives as often as possible and available.

  • We always try to choose transports that has lesser of an impact on the environment than other alternatives, sometimes sacrificing speed of delivery for the gain of the environment where possible.

  • We try to shift focus to eco-labeled alternatives were able.

  • We conduct sorting of our waste and we turn to materials recovery facilities for the handling of them. This is true when it comes to environmental hazardous waste as well as regular office trash.

  • We use public transportation when and where able.

  • We embrace the “paperless society” by storing secure digital copies. This way we get great traceability, indexing, search ability and for the sake of the environment; less paper printouts!

The Human Rights Policy of HighTech

HighTech Nordic AB support and stand for the equality of all men, women and children. No matter where they adhere, no matter what their beliefs are, their sexuality, nor the color of their skin changes this general belief.

We seek to create and sustain business relations only with other companies sharing these general beliefs and we are much interested in any information showing a lack of the matter in our supply chain.

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