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POS systems have to do much more than simply scan items and handle payments. Retailers need a POS system that can operate several applications simultaneously. With Flytech’snew POS5000 modular POS system, it offers excellent scalability and high performance that can adapt easily to the needs of retail environment.

Streamline your retail checkout with Flytech's POS5000 Embedded Box PC! Equipped with Intel Alder Lake processors, it delivers lightning-fast processing speeds and seamless integration capabilities to serve as the central hub of a modular POS system. Connect various peripherals such as barcode scanners, cash drawers and touch screen displays for greater flexibility and scalability. Its compact design and intuitive interface make our POS5000 the ideal solution for busy retailers looking to optimize their checkout process.

Emedded Box-PC Flytech (BP5K0G69S001)

SKU: BP5K0G69S001

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