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Immerse your audience in vivid, lifelike images, or display better-defined images for work that requires insane details. This 4K-UHD HDMI output-ready box PC can connect all your peripherals with ease through the extensive I/O ports, phoenix type 12 pin, and 8 configurable GPIO. The small form factor and fanless solid-state design allow the BXP-320 to blend into its environment effortlessly.

Butter Smooth 4k Decoding

Get ready for an immersive visual experience like never before with our cutting-edge 60fps 4k decoding device. With its powerful video processor, you’ll never miss a moment of the action, even when it comes to intensive high frame rate videos. Watch a fast-paced race and notice the difference in smooth playback with stunning clarity and sharpness. Upgrade your viewing experience now!

Ultra Rugged Design

Our device boasts an ultra-rugged design that promises durability and reliability in even the harshest of conditions. The anodized aluminum housing and commercial-grade components ensure that it can withstand tough usage and provide you with a long-lasting video experience. No more worrying about scratches, dings, or any other external damage. With its tough exterior, you can take this device anywhere and enjoy high-quality video playback wherever your adventures take you.

4K-UHD HDMI Box-PC Qbic (BXP-320)

SKU: BXP-320

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